Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kleicha and Ma’moul Cookies: What’s in a Name?


Photos Nawal Nasrallah 
Follow this link to an article I wrote for Repast (volume xxiv, no. 4, 2008, pp. 4-7):
Read about the story behind these festive Middle Eastern cookies, their cultural and historical ties with the ancient pagan Near Eastern New Year festivities, Norouz, and the Jewish and Christian feasts of Easter and Purim, and Muslim religious feasts.
The article’s title is: "The Iraqi Cookie Kleicha, and the Search for Identity" 


  1. I have just read "The Iraqi Cookie Kleicha, and the Search for Identity" in Repast, and what a marvelous piece of scholarship! My mind is blown away by the complex historical and etymological ties from the earliest of times that bind us through our foods, traditions, and legacies from the cradle of civilization. Thank you! I have been intrigued with kleicha since my Iraqi friend showed me how to make it. On my own, the results haven't been so good, but I hope to improve with help from your recipe.

    1. Thanks Ella! I am sure the recipe will help you make wonderful kleicha. Enjoy!